Own, control and make a profit from the gorgeous Solar System on the blockchain


Solethium is a game focused on buying and collecting Solethium tokens (Solar system planets, their satellites and space stations).

Since the game is built around Ethereum blockchain smart contract, every Solethium object is one-of-a-kind, unique, can not be stolen from the owner and can not be destroyed. We say it is a cryptocollectible.

Every available Solethium Object is one smart contract token. There is, of course, only one Sun, one Earth, One Jupiter…

The only way how Solethium object can change ownership is if someone buys it from you – but they will have to pay the bigger price for it then you did, thus making you a profit!


Solethium is a Crypto Collectible game built on an Ethereum ERC721 Token. If you buy Solethium Object, you will be its owner until someone buy it from you – leaving up to 2x profits for you.

But… that is not all. You can build your tactics around the fact that we leveraged natural hierarchy in Solar System.

All planets and the Sun are PARENT objects. When you own PARENT object, you will get a certain percentage from every sale of objects directly orbiting that PARENT object!

Example 1

If you own the Sun token, you will get 3% from every transaction of any object directly orbiting the Sun!
(like Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, … ).

Example 2

If you own the Earth token, you will get 2% from every transaction of any object directly orbiting the Earth!
(like Moon, Hermes Trade Space Station, … ).

To spice things up, we introduced another type of objects…

There are certain Solethium Objects with SPECIAL trade properties. Those are objects like Trade or Research Space Stations, or like satellites with bases on them.

What do they do? When you own both any PARENT object and object with SPECIAL trade properties, your PARENT percentage will be boosted and you will make even bigger profits!

Example: If you own the Sun, you will get 3% from every sale of objects directly orbiting the Sun. But if you also own Hermes Trade Station, your PARENT Sun percentage (3) will be boosted by another 0.4 percentage points. Your new Sun percentage gain will be 3,4 %.

Such SPECIAL objects will boost ALL of your parent objects, making them extremely powerful tokens to own. Of course, you can own more than one SPECIAL and more than one PARENT object, bringing you big gains on all game sales by adding up their properties!


In order to play Solethium, you just need some Ether and Metamask.

MetaMask is an Ethereum wallet. It brings Ethereum to your web browser. It allows you to run Ethereum dApps (like Solethium) right in your browser. It allows you to keep full control over your funds because every transaction has to be approved by you, ensuring that your funds are kept secure.

Once you have installed MetaMask you will be able to buy Solethium Objects directly on Solethium web marketplace. Just click on the BUY button and approve the transaction in Metamask.

Solethium is built on the Ethereum network. Ether (ETH) as a currency is necessary to pay for transactions and for purchasing Sol Objects.

Go to the Solethium MARKETPLACE in order to buy your Solethium objects.

For tactics on additional earnings by holding PARENT and SPECIAL Trade Objects, see FEATURES section.

When you acquire a Solethium Object, you take ownership of that object and it will automatically increase in price. Go here to see how the price will increase.

Sun and Planets
Boosting %


We are Data Science and IT professionals. The blockchain is the new hot technology. Experts say the blockchain will cause a revolution similar to what Internet provoked.

Gaming is fun and in our genes. What is the best way to explore blockchain potential for us than to develop an Ethereum Smart Contract based game?

At the beginning of 2018, people have been going crazy over Ethereum Games. Why? It’s simple. Gaming is fun and in certain cases potentially very lucrative.

Solethium is trying to bring some new tactics on the table, not just to provide means of crypto-collectibles. We leverage natural hierarchy in Solar System (PARENT objects) plus some SPECIAL trade objects bonuses in order to provide more fun, more tactical considerations, more gaming experience, and more opportunity to earn money.

Start playing now!

All you need is a Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox browser + Metamask plugin installed. And some Ether, of course 🙂

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